Tokyo Hakoniwa Project とは…




さらに、2011年からは箱庭からTokyo Hakoniwa Loungeとして新たな展開をしています。


Tokyo Hakoniwa Project” is a concept that originated around 2002, led by a team centered around aun and Venus Kawamura, with the theme of “urban oasis.” The project focuses on chill-out and ambient sounds while creating organic, soothing spaces for the mind and body. They have been known for creating legendary moments through one-off parties in various locations in Tokyo.

With elements such as DJ sets, live music performances, aroma massages, and unique decorations, the project expands the traditional party framework and has garnered attention across different sectors.

As one of Tokyo’s premier project teams, they have hosted events at notable venues such as Shibuya’s WOMB, Nishi-Azabu’s Bullet’s, Aoyama’s YoYo, and others. Since 2011, they have evolved from “Hakoniwa” to “Tokyo Hakoniwa Lounge.